They like us!!

Film Threat - "A fun horror flick."

Ain't It Cool News - "You’ll laugh. You’ll jump. You’ll whisper “Cool” under your breath."

Bloody Disgusting - "SMM is Scooby Doo done the right hell of a horror film."

Film School Rejects - "A must-see for horror fans."

Smells Like Screen Spirit - 8/10 - "I think this might just be Spillers’ big break."

LA Weekly - "Genuinely good scares."

Slackerwood - "Just the kind of horror movie I like."

Killer Film - "Imagine Scooby-Doo with gore, nudity and violence – a Texas Chainsaw Massacre spin on the timeless animated classic."

Horror Bug - "Solid horror with honest humor"

Living in Cinema - "I’ve seen 25 films that are playing at the festival this year. Saturday Morning Massacre is by the far the most fun of all of them."